2017 CDS Linda O'Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinics

            The CDS Adult Amateur Clinics are named the Linda O’Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinics in honor of Linda O’Carroll who donated an endowment fund to CDS to help fund Amateur Riders’ Dressage Education.

            Linda O’Carroll participated in one of the early CDS Amateur Clinics as the representative of the Foothills Chapter of CDS. She loved the experience, commenting often on the wonderfully helpful lessons she personally enjoyed and the wealth of knowledge she picked up from watching all of the other lessons.

            As has often been pointed out, the base of that pyramid that represents the discipline of dressage is filled with the Adult Amateurs who juggle work, home, finances, health and any number of other impediments to participation. Linda was such an individual; her choices were always for the good of the horse, for the benefit of the sport.

Linda O’Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic Clinician – Hilda Gurney

Regional organizers:

Central – April 28-30 – (Golden Hills, Paso Robles) Ellen Corob 805-544-7151

South – May 5-7– (W Farms, Chino Hills) Nicole Bhathal 805-750-0065

North – June 9-11 – (Pacific Equestrian Center) Mari Naten 916-687-8035;

Amateur Clinic selection protocol

            • After sufficient publicity early in the year, each Chapter Chair shall request that all interested members submit a written application to the chapter secretary.

            • The Chapter Chair and one other Chapter Board Member should put the names in a hat and the rider be selected by a draw. An alternate rider should also be drawn. The rider(s) should be notified immediately as well as the regional organizer.

            • Chapter Chairs / Treasurer should send a check for $150 to the Central Office made out to CDS. The selected rider is responsible for confirming that a check has been sent.

            • The present clinic format starts with a required introductory lecture session the evening prior to the first day of the clinic and two days of riding sessions.