The North American Youth Championships is rated as a CDIOJY, which means it is one of the highest rated FEI competitions specifically designated for these age groups. Although this should be a fun and rewarding experience for all riders, the serious nature of this competition needs to be realized.

Qualifying to ride at this competition is an accomplishment in itself. However, many riders have serious aspirations to make the top 12, or maybe win a medal. Some riders have a goal to someday compete on an international level, and the results of this competition may help them toward that goal.

This years FEI North American Youth Championships location is in the bidding process and will be announced in the coming months. 
Selection Procedures for the Event can be found HERE. Additional information can also be found on the USDF website HERE.

This competition is unique as it is often the first chance for a young competitor to ride on a team. This is an opportunity to train future team members, learning how to achieve a common goal through cooperation. The importance of teamwork and sportsmanship cannot be over emphasized.

The process may be bewildering for those qualifying and competing for the first time. The following information may help as you navigate through the process:

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FEI Junior/Young Rider – a Unique Group of Equestrians:
The FEI defines a person as being eligible to compete as a Junior Rider from the beginning of the calendar year he/she turns the age of 14 through the end of the year he/she turns 18. Young Riders are eligible from the beginning of the calendar year he/she turns 16 through the end of the calendar year he/she turns 21.

What is a Region:
For FEI purposes for this competition, every USDF Region within the United States is considered a ‘country’. FEI requires there be at least one other international team (i.e. Canada or Mexico) entered in order for the competition to be considered an International Championship. Each ‘county’ may enter one Junior and one Young Rider team with a maximum of four athletes at each level.

Membership Requirements:
All riders, horses and owners must be CURRENT members of USEF and USDF. Riders and Horses must have CURRENT FEI Registrations. Horses must have CURRENT FEI Passports. ALL memberships must be CURRENT at the time of qualifying competitions in order for the score to count toward the athletes’ qualifying scores.

Dressage Tests:
Junior Team Test                  Young Rider Team Test
Junior Individual Test           Young Rider Individual Test
Junior Freestyle                     Young Rider Freestyle

Qualifying Requirements:
The athlete/horse combinations must complete the respective FEI Junior Team
test/FEI Young Rider Team test and the FEI Junior Individual test/FEI Young Rider Individual test in at least three NAJYRC/USEF Qualifying Competitions. Each FEI Team test and FEI Individual test will count as 50% of an athlete/horse combination’s overall average from each NAJYRC/USEF Qualifying Competition (i.e. FEI Young Rider Team test 50% + FEI Junior Individual test 50% = 100%). A minimum overall average of 62% must be maintained for consideration to these Championships. In addition to these tests, athlete/horse combinations must earn at least one score of 62% in the respective FEI Junior Freestyle test and FEI Young Rider Freestyle test. The top four rider/horse combinations in the Team and Individuals Tests will be nominated to the 2018 NAJYRC Team for the Region.

Qualifying Period:
Please note, qualifying competitions are held over two calendar years. Please be advised that the proposed qualifying period for the 2018 FEI North American Youth Championships will begin on August 1, 2017 and end June 18, 2018.

Qualifying Competitions:
 The 2018 NAYC/USEF Qualifying Competitions can be found HERE and the 2018 CDI Calendar can be found HERE. Riders may attend qualifying competitions in any region to achieve the qualifying scores.

CDI Competitions:
The 2018 CDI Calender can be found HERE. FEI Junior or Young Rider tests ridden at CDI competitions do not automatically count toward NAYC qualifying scores. In order to have these scores count, riders must submit the CDI form within the time frame stated.

Drop Scores:
If an athlete/horse combination competes in four (4) or more different designated
USEF/NAYC Qualifying Competitions, the lowest score earned in Team Test and the lowest score
earned in the Individual Test will be dropped regardless whether or not these scores were earned
in the same competition. All remaining scores will be used to calculate each horse/rider
combination’s overall average.

Equipment Rule:
Per DR121.4, snaffle bridles will be permitted for NAYC qualifying classes, USEF
Junior qualifying classes and USEF Young Rider qualifying classes. Double bridles will still be mandatory for NAJYRC and USEF Junior and Young Rider championships. If you are competing in a CDI, FEI Rules apply.

Application for Intent:
An Application of Intent is required to be submitted in order to be eligible
for an invitation to this Championship. An application is considered to be submitted once the email
acknowledgement has been received. The Application of Intent is available now at Qualifying scores may be earned prior to submission of Application
of Intent.

Entries for FEI Competitions in the USA – REMINDER !!!
The FEI requires that the National Federation (USEF) and the US FEI Organizing Committees (OCs) be compliant with FEI General Regulations Article 102.3 which states that the National Federation (NF) must enter all athletes and horses for all FEI competitions. In order to be compliant, USEF has set up an entry portal on under your Athlete Dashboard. The direct link can be found here. There is no fee to submit an entry through this system for US Events. However, in addition to using the USEF entry portal, athletes MUST continue to enter the events (and pay the entry fees) with the OC or the entry software providers as they would normally do through a typical entry process.
Entries must be submitted in the USEF portal by 3:00 pm ET on the Definite Entry Deadline. This date is published in the Approved FEI Schedule and is listed on the USEF FEI Entry page. Late entries will only be approved at the discretion of the OC and NF.  Please Note - The FEI Entry System will not accept entries without the following:

  • FEI Registration - be sure that athletes and horses are registered with the FEI before the entry closing date. Reminder: FEI Registration must be renewed annually.

If registering a horse for the first time in the FEI, the microchip number must be on file with USEF before an entry can be made.
As of January 1 all horses that are being registered with the FEI for the first time must now have an approved passport before we can process a 2017 FEI Registration for them. This is due to the fact that when putting a horse in the FEI database for the first time, they are requiring a scan of the passport.
Freestyles in CDI Events:
Freestyles in the CDI-P, CDI-J, and CDI-Y events are required for the best athlete/horse combinations in the top 12 or 18 (depending on the FEI Definite Schedule for that event) who qualified via the Individual Competition.  If you are competing in a CDI, please make sure to have prepared your Freestyle!

For 2019, the following are important deadlines to be aware of:

  • Qualifying Period: August 1, 2018 – June 23, 2019. Dates are tentative and awaiting confirmation.

    Application Due Dates:

    • Applications and fees submitted online on or prior to March 19, 2019 will be charged $50 per application.

    • Applications and fees submitted online between March 20, 2019 and April 30, 2019 will be charged $100 per application.

    • Applications and fees submitted online between May 1, 2019 and May 15, 2019 will be charged an application fee of $300 per application.

    • No applications will be accepted after May 15, 2019.

    • Applications fees are non-refundable.

    Applications for the 2019 North American Youth Championship are now being accepted.

  • To Qualify:

    • One FEI (Junior or Young Rider) Freestyle test at 62% or above

    • Three FEI (Junior or Young Rider) Team tests for an average of 62% or above

    • Three FEI (Junior or Young Rider) Individual tests for an average of 62% or above

    • Qualifying Scores (may be earned prior to submitting Application)


The 4 Junior Riders and the 4 Young Riders with highest average scores by the end of qualifying period will be named to the USDF Region 7 NAYC Team by the Region Coordinator.

Please reach out to Cassidy Gallman the USDF Region 7 Coordinator if you have any questions. Just click on the envelope icon below or Contact in the navigation